Duck Dynasty Star Dropped by ESPN & Disney

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is IN THE NEWS! And thats a Fact! Whether You Support or Loath him Fact of the matter is the last time we had something this Important is was Miley Cyrus Twerking. Really?? These are the Most Important things we can all rally behind? None of this is ever as Big of a deal as the Media and Social Media make of it. In a world where Hot Button Words from a known associate get a like and a share WITHOUT Even reading it.

But Who Really FIred Phil??

On My Website Stock Gambles I went over the HUGE Companies that Actually own A&E Television Click HERE to see this page

Boycotting the Owners of A&E Thats a Huge Task and i today's Corporate Structured world You cannot hurt this company they are properly Diversified and it is just too big too hurt. Your Not REALLY going to say No to Disney its just NOT possible!

ESPN, Disney, Pixar, Lucas, Redbook, Seventeen, Car And Driver, Road and Track, Touchstone, CTN, ABC, Buzzfeed, The Baby Einstein Company, Muppets, 

I can NOT type the all here is 1000 Companies Owned By Disney & Hearst  Click The button below to see the Full List and Review a Article on Just how Deep this goes. 

Read about Phil, Disney, ESPN, & Duck Dynasty HERE

For the Record YES I support BOTH Phil and A&E on this one they both used their Freedoms. I do NOT believe Personal right were endangered or anything like that. It was Non Violent enough of a tirade but just NOT the View Disney or ESPN or most Any business wants for there brand Save Chic Fil A & Russia. Honestly you would NOT get away with that at Home Depot or Arby's and when you work in a business that is in the Media or broadcasts you... Well let's just say Imus and Many others have led the way to show you cant just say whatever you want to anymore. Not only that but I will bet his Contract states he basically fired himself or we would hear about that as well... In the end I am not going to Argue and fight about this and I am not Sorry if someone is pissed by the fact i have no problem with either. The funny thing is I find Myself in this situation a lot where BOTH sides throw Hate at me... There just HAS to be SOME reason to be pissed off huh...;-) 

You All have a Great Holidays

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