Time is Hard to Capture!

Really I mean it just Rolls Right By almost 2 Weeks Since I have Updated this Blog. I have Looked into Microplace again. If you have followed or helped in the past you know I used them once before to help fund Impoverished Countries ETC Its a Great Program and I thing is a Big help to a lot of Business people who just would Not have a chance any other way.. When $200 to $500 Makes the Difference in Your Business to Hire a person Expand By more inventory and add a Rickshaw and carts WOW that's a BIG Difference and its Nice to help them Grow. However this is a Diff kind of Charity where it is not filling the Basic Needs Problem Worldwide. I like Many others see Our money going overseas to help other countries and it will get you worked up. I tried for a LONG time to find a Non Profit church or otherwise that was making a difference and I could NOT find it I used to support a few Missionaries and I learned Especially with the Development of Facebook Its mostly just all Fluff I'm Paying for this Schmuck to go rent a Condo in the Nice part of town and sit around "Helping" the people who are Already Christian??? What a Croak of Poop. I invested Tens of Thousands into Missionary Programs and I do not Believe it is a Prudent Investment as they waste all the money to live up to USA Standards in a country and Never make it better for the Least Fortunate in the Country. And YES I am A little Worked up!! I want to see something HAPPEN and I want to put Good Money to Good use for People Eh need it. At this time I am very well aware that Not many people read this Blog. I just Started it 3 weeks AGO and I haven't even listed it anywhere. I am Going to still Go ahead and make good Content for my site here and do it to it. And on that nor "Water Walls" That's Right WATER. Its a VERY basic Need and I really want to make something happen for people who just don't have anything!! So with that thought I am hitting the phone and figuring out some Answers form My top picks..;-) Make sure and Keep Tabs and Throw me Ideas and Help..;-) 


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