There is No disputing how Sisyphean Life may Be. However this is a GOOD thing! The Profit comes from Experience, Learning and NOT Bitching & Moaning about Every little Problem. If its the same thing Over & Over Than it should get easier after awhile. Learn IT! 

Harness the Knowledge gained daily It's all about Learning and using Routines From what I can tell. Top that off with a little Balance and WOW.... Obviously it's the same Mountain... SO Learn the path and Know your rolling Right back to the bottom in just a little While. But don't worry Your being pushed by a King. ITS A FREE RIDE ACTUALLY If the Mountain is life & I'm the Boulder the Realization that King Sisyphus Is Whatever and Whoever I pick to DRIVE Me in Life.

Pick Well.. It is the only Variable that You control! THIS IS THE KEY TO IT ALL! Don't do it for Friends, Family, Peers or ANYONE! Do it For You! No one will push you up the hill like that over and over that's just Mythology. We need Strong Passionate things in Life that will push us harder faster and better than others who pay this no Mind and settle for the Obvious that Life is Mundane or Repetitive... Having Goals and setting a timeline for said goals is HUGE! Come on Now Its easy... Get to be good at it This is NOT just for King Sisyphus How bout PACMAN Clear them Screens! It all counts and Profit is the score!!


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