Honest Worker Returns Wallet $1000+ Cash ~ A Real Knockout Game!

Really what have we come to that kids run around trying to Knock out Old Ladies? WOW When I was young we still got in trouble for not Saying Grace. If you watch any News you will get a uneasy feeling its mostly ALL Negative... Well This Story will hopefully make you feel Happy and Me I am Thankful!! If this would have went differently I would STILL be trying to replace My personal info! In a Day I deal with A Lot of dishonesty from Workers Blaming others or Claiming they don't remember on & On Customers Unplugging Sensors and Wires on My cars to try and get a cheaper price. (Click HERE For My Website 1 Owner Car Guy) Everywhere you go I guarantee you there is not many people around you that will do the right thing. Over the years being in so many different business and having so many people I talk to you My YouTube Channel I know for a Fact I have become a Bit Calloused & I have always been a bit Cynical and I kinda like it..LOL 

Well Just when You think its all going to Hell in a Handbasket Someone does something that just restored a bit of My faith in Humanity..;-) I was Visiting the Local COSTCO doing My Business shopping and all of a Sudden My Wallet was GONE!! OMG That Feeling is Awful!!

I asked and Low and Behold someone had turned it in... So What right Noting will be there and I will be Lucky to even have My ID right??

Wrong... Low and behold when the Guy handed me my Wallet and I thumbed through it... It was ALL there.. And I will say Quite Honestly there was about $1000.00 or more of Cash and Cash Cards in My Wallet.. Multiple Credit Cards 3 Id's Checks and EURO's So So Much My Business briefcase IS my Wallet. Really I NEVER Expected to get it back the way I lost it and when I was waiting for them to go get it I figured it had been Rummaged through in some way or another and most Cash missing
What a Pleasing outcome to open it and bit by bit realize it is all there

You KNOW if someone Had a BAD Trip to Costco they would make a Video and Complain everywhere So I figured its Only Fitting I do the same when They have made me VERY Thankful Through their Employee which IS the Goal. This says A LOT about the Company and I do A LOT of Investing on My Website Stock Gambles and I REALLY am Researching their Stock now!! Thanks COSTCO and Anthony!!

I made a video of it and it is below 

However this story gets EVEN BETTER!! And Drives My point home ever so Swiftly after the Video! 

Why 2 Videos and 1 just ends??

Well That would be Dishonesty... I uploaded this video LATE in the night and Within 5 hours at 6 in the Morning I got a Call from New York city and Someone had tried a bunch of times to buy $1800.00 worth of Radios and the Merchant called me... I called My Card Issuer right away and in that amount of time there were about a dozen charges on My Business Visa which It didn't Look like you could see the #'s in fact I think they Guessed one of them... This just backs up what I knew.. What Anthony did here is a Rare act in this day and age. It would have been SO EASY to just slip $300 to $400 out and pocket it. Hell he could have pocketed the whole thing and played dumb NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER KNOWN BUT HIM!!! That would NOT be right and it is Nice to see that still matters to some people! I cant say thank YOU Enough I Hope that COSTCO See's it in their plan to keep this worker on full time. A few have said he is a seasonal worker and if I was that Manager there is no way he would Be seasonal. People like him are a Valuable resource! I hope the Note that the manager told me to drop in the box gets in the right hands i am writing a letter to Corporate COSTCO as well to tell them. COSTCO is a GREAT Job and if that's what he wants hopefully thats what they offer..;-) I Still hope to help Anthony with a Car Purchase and Save him HUGE Cash!
SO YOU KNOW They DO NOT need the 3 number code from the back of your card to run up charges!! Be careful!

Turn on the News and you will hear about Kids running around playing a "Knockout Game" and the like its a Weird world people seem to have NO Parenting skills whatsoever This was Refreshing and Gave me just a bit more Faith. Anthony Your Parents should be VERY Proud You are Awesome & Took the Knock Out Game to a whole New level.

YouTube Subscribers & ANYONE Please Help!

The No Tipping Policy is not something I want to get Anthony in Trouble with. So if YOU could please Help by Sharing this story and mostly By Telling COSTCO. YOU Can Help him by Clicking The Button Below and tell COSTCO about this worker I have Made it REALLY Easy and if this story made you feel happy PLEASE Say something to COSTCO I want them to know and I want Anthony to Get what he deserves here! Click HERE or the Button Below

Worker name is Anthony Just tell them Young Guy Curly hair (I dont want to put his last name here W/O his OK I am asking him now will update)
The Store is Santee, California #403
 That should be more than enough Info to get it to the right person.

Let them Know they have a VERY Honest worker who is Exactly what they want to keep on Full Time and to make sure he gets taken care of since No Tipping (I do Understand this from COSTCO's point of view it is a Good NO TIPPING Rule as long as they do something)

A SImple Message like 

HEY You have a Employee at your Santee, Ca Store #403 his name is Anthony (Curly Black Hair Younger Guy) Well He Went ABOVE and Beyond in his Job and is a VERY Honest person. He Returned a Wallet with over $1000.00 Cash and Countless Cards and Valuables. The Guy who lost it talked to managers and left a note in the Box. However I heard this Story and want to make sure he gets his Due I have heard he is a Seasonal worker & This is JUST the Type of Employee EVERY Business Needs! Please Forward this to Someone that can do Something for Anthony. 

No Biggie something like that Heck use that if you want.. I just want to make sure Anthony gets Perm Job if thats his wishes.. ;-)

 In the meanwhile like I say I am a WHIZ at getting cars CHEAP and I want to do what I do for FREE for Anthony NO ONE will get him a car as cheap as I will..;-) 1 Owner Car Guy And oddly enough I ran into him again and he said he needed one..;-) Hopefully I get to Give him Plenty of Cereal Marshmallows as well


Again THANK YOU Anthony I really Appreciate your Honesty and Hope this gets out there to the "Powers that be" and YOU are helped by My actions as I was by Yours!

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