A Week consists of 168 hours If You work 40 Hours... Sleep 40 Hours & Spend 40 Hours a Week with Family and Friends Relaxing... What the Hell happens to the other 48 Hours... Simply wasted and unaccounted for?? That would mean you can work 88 hours a week effectively more than DOUBLING your income...

    Don't have a Side Business or the Skills to Do anything for a Charge??  Well even A McDonalds Job Provides over $1500 a Month for the Extra Work + an Hour a day for a Workout and an Hour a Week left to pleasure yourself or something. There is A Crap-load of Time wasted daily by each and every one of us and Capturing that time and Making it work for you is the Key. As you can see My life is VERY Work orientated but you can use all this time for whatever you please its easy in 1 Way for me I have always refused to Breed.

     When I was Young I made it a Point to Work EVERY Minute I could when I was Awake. I remember a Party when I was 15 and we stayed up all night... Next day I was Surprised I was Not really tired and I realized I could Use these time to work while all my friends Played and actually get ahead faster... Well that became common place and to do All- Nighter's To Launch New Products Working till I got the Job done then showing up for My next Job. Somewhere Somehow between 31 and 35 I lost just a bit of that WANT as Life didn't turn out Quite Like I expected Breakups Divorce and General Problems Some asshole Rear ending me at 50 in My New COBRA that did hurt me pretty Bad… I was having Issues it seemed... Personally and in Business & with the Churches I used to Attend. Just that time in Life Where You REALLY Have to Question just what it is You believe and How you want to Move Forward... Just kind of put me into a different Mindset and I lost some of my Motivation... Sure I still worked 80-90 hours a week but the passion that would keep me up at night. The Creativity and Passion... I just didn't WANT it bad enough anymore it seemed... I NI really Got Slowed Down...  I NEEDED it but I just felt Different... I WANTED it Just NOT bad enough!

    I have made some HUGE changes EVERYWHERE in Life! Health, Fitness, Emotional, Spiritual, and the ones I forgot I NEED more Balance and I HAVE to want it MORE... More than ANYONE I meet... I WANT IT that's All there is to it... Last Year is a Point in Time where I will see back in summer of 2012 that I got some of it back. I beat those inside fears just a bit more And Moved Forward a Few more steps personally.... Now the Fun really starts. at  the end of this year I will look back & I WILL see 6500 Hours of My work and I want to make sure that I can Make it ALL count for as Much as I can!... Please Visit My Charity Website and Put Me to Work I appreciate ALL of the Ideas that Have Come in to My email box And I want to make sure that I get your Input. So Visit http://www.NathanWratislaw.org and fill out the Add Your Charity form..;-)  The day will be over in No Time! Hell the Week & Month will be gone and Past Before we know it... Live it Hard... Live it Happy... Do something good today for No reason at ALL!!



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