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The headline screams... This is the Internet so um GEE I wonder... Seems Almost Obvious... IT"S ALWAYS A SCAM Right?? Let's Face it misfortune and Bad MOJO can attack Anyone at anytime I try and Help all sorts of people from all walks of life. I cannot possibly lay out cash for every situation that comes along.... I really wish i could but i just don't have it like that.. ;-) What I do try and do if I cannot help and I feel it is sincere is try and raise awareness through My Connections Subscribers and Blogs etc... However it seems like the World is out to Dupe me!!! This will be a post about a situation like this. I found it VERY Revealing about Me!!

 "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." 

With SO many Scams out there it is Hard to Remain Positive about people you meet But there ARE some Good ones out there I hear. 
My name is Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy I do Lots of stuff and Make Videos on My main YouTube Channel Cereal Marshmallows This post is about people and what they may do to help others I guess in a way. Recently I got a "Friend Request" On Facebook from someone I did NOT Know (Surprise Surprise Right) Well I get A Lot of requests from People i Do NOT know and I look at all the info etc before I Approve or Ignore the request. After going to her page (A Beautiful girl Who Competes in Beauty type shows) LOL This is ALWAYS a Scam... Seriously All the Trolls take pics of Beautiful Women and post them acting like they are real to Spam you or get your $$ somehow & I am Leery of ALL this stuff and NOT a Newbie!!

Well I look around her page a Bit see some Family pics and even one of her holding a baby... Hmmm Then I see that she has shared a few Charity links.... WOW OK We are on a roll she must have met me through one of My Charity websites... So Approved! I Love meeting people on the go and wanting to help other... It could be worse right..;-) I wont hold the fact that the girl is Beautiful against her...

But wait 2 days later I get a "Message" asking If I got a chance to check out the link she sent me.... HMMMMM I never got no links.. Now I feel I am being Scammed and I am real quick to say something in a instance like this. 
UH-OH a AMAZING pic in a Bikini JUST Uploaded Hmmmmm Man i dunno I'm not SUPER old or anything here and I Have made a little money in life and to be honest the cars bring Women mostly Scams to my door all the time so I am a bit Jaded.... Time to say something I MEAN She Just Posted THESE!!!

OK This HAS to be a Scam Right? 1-10 Ashley Gargiulo is a 9.987 and says she wants to help others? What Planet am I on?? I was NOT just Born Ya know!

I found out later that  Ashley Gargiulo Competes and is in shape for a reason!
Yea Lot's of Hot girls are nice LOL.. I just Ignore this type of thing when I see it.
LOL Ok so who's pictures did you steal and become Ashley Gargiulo Random Nigerian Scam Artist??

So here is how it went down Blow by Blow.

I said to Ashley Gargiulo
"You are just adding random people and losing track of what you asked them i think there Sweetie ;-)"

Not as rude as usual but honestly i am still torn MAYBE just MAYBE this Person is Real??? NAAAAA Couldent be No WAY a Beautiful girl like Ashley Gargiulo. Just NO WAY!! It just has to be the fact im a MAN and this is a Beautiful women..I'M being Scammed!!! 

Ashley Gargiulo says
"No not at all I saw your car give away on fb and I believe you have influence and what u do is great I friend requested u cause u said I could on ur video so I did then I figured id ask for your help if you didn't mind. Merry christmas btw"

??? WTF??
I say to Ashley Gargiulo
"I looked at your page then and saw some links maybe i missed a message somewhere I will check and saw something on link about your uncle or something.. Sorry i dont mean to sound rude at all I looked at your profile before like I said and it seemed legit I just get 2-3 fake spam accts that add me everyday... Will look after family stuff later tonight Cheers"

Ashley Gargiulo says 
"I am real and I love meeting new ppl If you need anything let me know and thank u ahead of time if u decide to help me out have a wonderful night"

OK This is NOT what I was Expecting... Ashley Gargiulo May just be a Superhero!! I was thinking she would tell me her great uncle died and had 74.8 MILLION Us Dollars that she could not Axxess unless I Fly her to the USA and pay $20,000 Via Western Union or something to that effect...;-)

OK this is just NOT how it usually goes down. I went and started looking and YES I did indeed miss a message from her it is not by choice i get A LOT of messages this pic is from a few hours away on just 1 account! So also note if you send me a message and I don't answer Send again or call My office..;-)

Once I really looked a bit I truly want to help her cause and NOT the one she sent me. Ashley Gargiulo is helping more than 1 person like I said and the second one grabbed my Attention. Let's be honest here we are all drawn to Different things we find sad or we think we should help on. Schooling, Books, stuff like that Not my Bag baby FOR SURE... Don't get me started on paying your own school etc.. But wait that's not the end of the road just cause i think one way. 
People help people for lot's of different reasons that for Whatever reason are dear or close to them. Thats where the second one came in You can read the posts below from Ashley Gargiulo She of course describes this better than i could
Ashley Gargiulo seems to have a Good Heart and is trying to help people! Check out her page here to Raise money for OTHERS Not herself It doesent seem to be a Scam  

Here are Direct links to Ashley's GoFundMe Pages

Below on the buttons I will put direct links to Ashley's Charity & I will also do a Video on this later. I Believe Ashley is Trying to help others in any way she can not only by posting these causes. But she also is going above & beyond by reaching out to people & sharing these links. If you look at the dates here Ashley is a Habitual helper of others THIS IS AWESOME TO SEE. Today's Younger people Don't Really seem to care or even be organized to do this sort of own thing for themselves Let alone others even though they are the ones with the Internet savvy and advantages online that I Never had and only dreamed of. 
Click Below to see Ashley's Page
Click Below to see Ashley's Page
I think I almost missed one of the BEST Chances I had to Help someone this year... Because I thought it was a scam... I really dont know yet What good looking people cant Help others?? What sort of Reverse Pre Set type of Prejudice have i set Myself into? Ashley Gargiulo Competes Professionally and puts A Lot of work into being in shape.. Odd and RARE I know I know but this lines up with my Hardener website and anyone who watches my channel knows I make Vitamins and Herbal Supplements & TRY to say as healthy as I can. This situation has Really changed the way I look at other people... The Pretty ones... I have Long Supported Getting along with EVERYONE Regardless of Color, Creed Origin, Gay or Straight Christian or Muslim It does NOT matter there are Good People and Bad people in EVERY Nationality and every Religion just as there are Evil Whacked or dishonest ones... We really owe it to ourselves to put some research into stuff and make sure we don't miss a chance to really and truly help. Or on the other hand possibly be screwed.

I was almost a "Beauty Basher"

How many people scan through a post like this see a connected account and just right away be Negative and make any excuse we can to Ignore and NO connect because we gave been Burned or Hurt in the past either in a scam or just because a Beautiful Woman or Man ripped your Heart out and Trampled it? Either way it affects how we react later and as we get older and more learned in the ways the world works. Most people Recess and Stop helping and I find myself even Cynical after Constantly Helping people only to have them keep tearing their lives apart. 

It hopefully matters later all i can do is try. I do it daily it seems... I once gave a friend a bible about 14 years ago I just felt he needed it he was down a very bad drug filled path i never herd from him till about 4 years ago and he Could not stop thanking me for believing in him and giving him that Bible he was living clean working steady and taking care of his Family THAT felt Awesome and makes it worth it for so many times when you never hear anything again..;-) 

I would Like to end by saying Ashley Gargiulo I am sorry You are a GREAT Person and I wish you Success in Everything You do!! 

Also I will be thinking of what I can do here and talk to you later about this Everyone Make sure and Check Ashley Gargiulo says she will do a Live Broadcast with me and we are going to try to Broadcast a G+ Hangout on My YouTube Channel about this. I may be helping in any way I can over the next month. I would like to ask that Any of My subscribers that would like to help Please do so But AFTER We hear from her on the Livestream!.

Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

Make sure and Click the Button below and check out My YouTube Channel Cerealmarshmallows 



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