How To Change to the Awesome YouTube ONE Channel TIps and Instructional. 

YouTube ONE Channel Design... I know I know Its yet anothe Social Media Platform to learn as if there were not enough anyways Right? At first It is a Pain to learn and Quite Honestly I have Waited and Waited and Now YouTube is Reminding Me I only have but a few days left..;-( Well Its no big deal because i now think it will be better.. What Better you say.... Indeed I do say..;-) I have Quite a Few channels on YouTube and let Me say I LOVE YouTube Really i am a Total Superfan!! And I believe they know what they are doing and  Totally trust their judgment on this. 

First off the platforms that YouTube Serves video to has Grown A Lot and its not just Computers anymore in fact about Half or more of your views on YouTube are From Mobile devices and TV's and YouTube has had A Lot to adapt to in the last 7 Years. 7 Years... Wow But yes its a Long time quite honestly we got the old design for a long time. Personally this messed up some big plans I had for a Product Launch. I was looking into Getting a Brand Channel and Really Marketing it on YouTube.. However the Extras gained on a Brand Channel seem to be Gone...

Whats the upside to YouTube One Chanel and all this moving things around?? You get Upgrades and Links and All sorts of things that you would have likely NEVER have had access to unless you spent A LOT of Money for a Brand Channel Marketing program through Google Effective I believe but still not FREE Like this.. On My Youtube Channel Click HERE I do All sorts of Videos and There are So many things to consider when Marketing your channel and Pushing Ahead to the next level. A Quality Channel is NOT a Easy thing to build and its amazing to see what gets big and what does not parts of this amazing new market is just... Unexplainable hands down..;-( Either way that don't mean Stop it's just another hurdle..;-)

I Believe You Tube has came up with a way to offer us More FREE by the way... FREE Sidenote here Can you Believe this is FREE... I mean Really Free..LOL LOng ago i said I will just follow whatever they say to do Blindly and I believe they have a Great visin for Youtube and I really Enjoy being a part of it 

Whats My point here? Well there's 2 I guess #1 YouTube knows what they are dong and this is a Good Change #2 They Gave us MORE FREE and possibly the Best Tidbit in My Blog here is I found a Secret Live Stream for the Higher ups that You can only see if you have the link! It is Nearly an Hour long and will REALLY Explain the new design and give you Bare bone Tips to take advantage of it. This is NOT me this is Direct from YouTube/Google I hope you enjoy

Click HERE or Copy and Paste the Link below to See this Important Video from Youtube

Click HERE or Copy and Paste the Link below to See this Important Video from Youtube

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Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy



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