It may seem far fetched but this is a Serious Matter!

Road Tax and Classic Car ban Its no joke and it really has Me worked up!! I cant sleep its 1:44 and I have to try and do something

If You Don't know about it check this link out

 I am now thinking about local forums and Blogs Reddit Digg Hives FaceBook YouTube.. What can I do and the time is ticking away so Fast I don't know if it is possible to get the signatures needed or not there is 70,000 needed and I really don't know how many there are My a Few of the People/Dealers I have dealt with in the Netherlands Started this Petition to try and Halt this Unfair Seizure of Property. I mean in Reality they are Not going to take your car away just no one will want it and it will be worthless... Thats Wrong There Should at Least Be an Exemption for the Cars Already there. I know people Who paid $3500 or so for their car and now it will cost that much a year to drive it. I love my classic cars

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