What makes a Winner What Makes Loser Which is What Who Am I? Well Success is a Broad word and ask 10 Different people define it you will get 6 to 10 different answers. Some people Define it as Money, Some Happiness, Spirituality, Fitness, Health, Balance, Goodness, Philanthropy On and On there are so many things that define success It all starts in school and can be seen from a young age. Some of us excel at certain thing some of us excel at others and it seems as we get older and more set in or ways Learning and Advancement become a thing of the past and there is no room or no time for it. This is NOT acceptable in the Very least! There is No way that ANYONE can Be Successful without Balance and The Willingness to always learn new things daily. Too many times do I see the Pompous ones who achieve a certain level of success then sit there and Sneer at everyone like they are better than everyone. People in EVERY field have to watch this attitude that can easily creep in You see it in Police Officers, Teachers A LOT it is a hard thing to control. I don’t ever want to get to that level where I think I know everything that will NEVER happen. This is an Awesome World with SO Many Amazing things and ways to advance yourself and you work legally and in a real way. Make a Difference Make a Change Make the World a Better Place work towards Balance and Learn something Now and Every day!

Wishing You Much Success, Health and Profits!
Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy



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