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The headline screams... This is the Internet so um GEE I wonder... Seems Almost Obvious... IT"S ALWAYS A SCAM Right?? Let's Face it misfortune and Bad MOJO can attack Anyone at anytime I try and Help all sorts of people from all walks of life. I cannot possibly lay out cash for every situation that comes along.... I really wish i could but i just don't have it like that.. ;-) What I do try and do if I cannot help and I feel it is sincere is try and raise awareness through My Connections Subscribers and Blogs etc... However it seems like the World is out to Dupe me!!! This will be a post about a situation like this. I found it VERY Revealing about Me!!

 "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." 

With SO many Scams out there it is Hard to Remain Positive about people you meet But there ARE some Good ones out there I hear. 
My name is Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy I do Lots of stuff and Make Videos on My main YouTube Channel Cereal Marshmallows This post is about people and what they may do to help others I guess in a way. Recently I got a "Friend Request" On Facebook from someone I did NOT Know (Surprise Surprise Right) Well I get A Lot of requests from People i Do NOT know and I look at all the info etc before I Approve or Ignore the request. After going to her page (A Beautiful girl Who Competes in Beauty type shows) LOL This is ALWAYS a Scam... Seriously All the Trolls take pics of Beautiful Women and post them acting like they are real to Spam you or get your $$ somehow & I am Leery of ALL this stuff and NOT a Newbie!!

Well I look around her page a Bit see some Family pics and even one of her holding a baby... Hmmm Then I see that she has shared a few Charity links.... WOW OK We are on a roll she must have met me through one of My Charity websites... So Approved! I Love meeting people on the go and wanting to help other... It could be worse right..;-) I wont hold the fact that the girl is Beautiful against her...

But wait 2 days later I get a "Message" asking If I got a chance to check out the link she sent me.... HMMMMM I never got no links.. Now I feel I am being Scammed and I am real quick to say something in a instance like this. 
UH-OH a AMAZING pic in a Bikini JUST Uploaded Hmmmmm Man i dunno I'm not SUPER old or anything here and I Have made a little money in life and to be honest the cars bring Women mostly Scams to my door all the time so I am a bit Jaded.... Time to say something I MEAN She Just Posted THESE!!!

OK This HAS to be a Scam Right? 1-10 Ashley Gargiulo is a 9.987 and says she wants to help others? What Planet am I on?? I was NOT just Born Ya know!

I found out later that  Ashley Gargiulo Competes and is in shape for a reason!
Yea Lot's of Hot girls are nice LOL.. I just Ignore this type of thing when I see it.
LOL Ok so who's pictures did you steal and become Ashley Gargiulo Random Nigerian Scam Artist??

So here is how it went down Blow by Blow.

I said to Ashley Gargiulo
"You are just adding random people and losing track of what you asked them i think there Sweetie ;-)"

Not as rude as usual but honestly i am still torn MAYBE just MAYBE this Person is Real??? NAAAAA Couldent be No WAY a Beautiful girl like Ashley Gargiulo. Just NO WAY!! It just has to be the fact im a MAN and this is a Beautiful women..I'M being Scammed!!! 

Ashley Gargiulo says
"No not at all I saw your car give away on fb and I believe you have influence and what u do is great I friend requested u cause u said I could on ur video so I did then I figured id ask for your help if you didn't mind. Merry christmas btw"

??? WTF??
I say to Ashley Gargiulo
"I looked at your page then and saw some links maybe i missed a message somewhere I will check and saw something on link about your uncle or something.. Sorry i dont mean to sound rude at all I looked at your profile before like I said and it seemed legit I just get 2-3 fake spam accts that add me everyday... Will look after family stuff later tonight Cheers"

Ashley Gargiulo says 
"I am real and I love meeting new ppl If you need anything let me know and thank u ahead of time if u decide to help me out have a wonderful night"

OK This is NOT what I was Expecting... Ashley Gargiulo May just be a Superhero!! I was thinking she would tell me her great uncle died and had 74.8 MILLION Us Dollars that she could not Axxess unless I Fly her to the USA and pay $20,000 Via Western Union or something to that effect...;-)

OK this is just NOT how it usually goes down. I went and started looking and YES I did indeed miss a message from her it is not by choice i get A LOT of messages this pic is from a few hours away on just 1 account! So also note if you send me a message and I don't answer Send again or call My office..;-)

Once I really looked a bit I truly want to help her cause and NOT the one she sent me. Ashley Gargiulo is helping more than 1 person like I said and the second one grabbed my Attention. Let's be honest here we are all drawn to Different things we find sad or we think we should help on. Schooling, Books, stuff like that Not my Bag baby FOR SURE... Don't get me started on paying your own school etc.. But wait that's not the end of the road just cause i think one way. 
People help people for lot's of different reasons that for Whatever reason are dear or close to them. Thats where the second one came in You can read the posts below from Ashley Gargiulo She of course describes this better than i could
Ashley Gargiulo seems to have a Good Heart and is trying to help people! Check out her page here to Raise money for OTHERS Not herself It doesent seem to be a Scam  

Here are Direct links to Ashley's GoFundMe Pages

Below on the buttons I will put direct links to Ashley's Charity & I will also do a Video on this later. I Believe Ashley is Trying to help others in any way she can not only by posting these causes. But she also is going above & beyond by reaching out to people & sharing these links. If you look at the dates here Ashley is a Habitual helper of others THIS IS AWESOME TO SEE. Today's Younger people Don't Really seem to care or even be organized to do this sort of own thing for themselves Let alone others even though they are the ones with the Internet savvy and advantages online that I Never had and only dreamed of. 
Click Below to see Ashley's Page
Click Below to see Ashley's Page
I think I almost missed one of the BEST Chances I had to Help someone this year... Because I thought it was a scam... I really dont know yet What good looking people cant Help others?? What sort of Reverse Pre Set type of Prejudice have i set Myself into? Ashley Gargiulo Competes Professionally and puts A Lot of work into being in shape.. Odd and RARE I know I know but this lines up with my Hardener website and anyone who watches my channel knows I make Vitamins and Herbal Supplements & TRY to say as healthy as I can. This situation has Really changed the way I look at other people... The Pretty ones... I have Long Supported Getting along with EVERYONE Regardless of Color, Creed Origin, Gay or Straight Christian or Muslim It does NOT matter there are Good People and Bad people in EVERY Nationality and every Religion just as there are Evil Whacked or dishonest ones... We really owe it to ourselves to put some research into stuff and make sure we don't miss a chance to really and truly help. Or on the other hand possibly be screwed.

I was almost a "Beauty Basher"

How many people scan through a post like this see a connected account and just right away be Negative and make any excuse we can to Ignore and NO connect because we gave been Burned or Hurt in the past either in a scam or just because a Beautiful Woman or Man ripped your Heart out and Trampled it? Either way it affects how we react later and as we get older and more learned in the ways the world works. Most people Recess and Stop helping and I find myself even Cynical after Constantly Helping people only to have them keep tearing their lives apart. 

It hopefully matters later all i can do is try. I do it daily it seems... I once gave a friend a bible about 14 years ago I just felt he needed it he was down a very bad drug filled path i never herd from him till about 4 years ago and he Could not stop thanking me for believing in him and giving him that Bible he was living clean working steady and taking care of his Family THAT felt Awesome and makes it worth it for so many times when you never hear anything again..;-) 

I would Like to end by saying Ashley Gargiulo I am sorry You are a GREAT Person and I wish you Success in Everything You do!! 

Also I will be thinking of what I can do here and talk to you later about this Everyone Make sure and Check Ashley Gargiulo says she will do a Live Broadcast with me and we are going to try to Broadcast a G+ Hangout on My YouTube Channel about this. I may be helping in any way I can over the next month. I would like to ask that Any of My subscribers that would like to help Please do so But AFTER We hear from her on the Livestream!.

Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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Christmas is a time for Cursing people out? LOL

WOW.. Just got cursed out by a "Christian" on Christmas LOL this is just too much.. Its 9:00 PM so I figure Merry Christmas is gone... New Years is too far away SO Happy Holidays seemed pretty fair to say... NOPE... After being Lectured on how I am helping take Jesus's Birthday away... OMG Really... They were Preaching to the Choir here... I SAID MERRY CHRISTMAS For 2 weeks and I am done with it. It does Not mean anything.... Just a word I still will not take the Christ out and type a X But once i have eaten It's Over man..;-)

 Everything After this point I wrote last week in this Blog and just Never Published it.

When you meet someone in life you relate to & have fun talking to it should not matter what their personal beliefs are, Who they Screw, What they Drink or Smoke, if they own a Firearm or are black or White. Just be happy you can relate with someone else in this life about ANYTHING at all!!
Personally I believe in God I would like to say Jesus is the reason for the season... but he really isn't anymore everyone is just worried about Santa and Gifts and Truthfully Duck Dynasty and God's New Apostle Phil are getting all the Glory Right Now I would just like to take a Breath and a second away from all the DRAMA and Say Merry Christmas!! One thing I have learned on YouTube is you will NEVER please everybody if you know Anyone you are pleasing your likely doing well. Some people are just Assholes!! If you are Jewish an Atheist Muslim or another faith or nationality & this offends You I am very Unapologetic. Your beliefs DO NOT offend me. Nothing about my beliefs should offend you! Honestly I feel it is Awful to have your kids believe in Santa & Lie to them But That's not my problem its one of those trivial things in life that makes You YOU and Me ME! It is my right and I do believe what I believe. I see All sorts of posts from all different walks of life. I know this I dont have to be a Muslim to have Muslim friends and I dont have to be Gay to have Gay Friends. I don't have to Curse God to be friends with an atheist. And I don't have to Give a Shit if your offended by a few words! Some people drink some don't some eat vegetables some dont Your not gonna hate them for it. It sucks to have Duck Dynasty Brought up on Christmas But it is a hot button and it does mark a very Important Free speech issue and Highlight this on a Holiday where there are Different Beliefs 
When you meet someone in life you relate to and have fun talking to it should not matter what their personal beliefs are. Who they Screw, What they Drink or Smoke if they own a Firearm or are black or White. Just be happy you can relate with someone else in this life about ANYTHING at all!! 

 If you eat McDonalds Everyday and nothing else Life would Suck. We get different things from diff places for a reason and even though that Wait Staff & Cooks at my fav cafe are Utterly SLOW I still go cause I like the scones I cant get them anywhere else. I just Expect a Wait and everything turns out fine..;-) Opinions will Always Vary... Dads will be diff than Sons... Moms Diff than Daughters We all try and improve upon what we know. Sometimes its for the better and sometimes its for the worse. No matter what or who you Believe in I wish you whatever you want to be wished Many times over. I hope You can Excuse My beliefs & habits etc as I excuse yours..;-)

Duck Dynasty Star Dropped by ESPN & Disney

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is IN THE NEWS! And thats a Fact! Whether You Support or Loath him Fact of the matter is the last time we had something this Important is was Miley Cyrus Twerking. Really?? These are the Most Important things we can all rally behind? None of this is ever as Big of a deal as the Media and Social Media make of it. In a world where Hot Button Words from a known associate get a like and a share WITHOUT Even reading it.

But Who Really FIred Phil??

On My Website Stock Gambles I went over the HUGE Companies that Actually own A&E Television Click HERE to see this page

Boycotting the Owners of A&E Thats a Huge Task and i today's Corporate Structured world You cannot hurt this company they are properly Diversified and it is just too big too hurt. Your Not REALLY going to say No to Disney its just NOT possible!

ESPN, Disney, Pixar, Lucas, Redbook, Seventeen, Car And Driver, Road and Track, Touchstone, CTN, ABC, Buzzfeed, The Baby Einstein Company, Muppets, 

I can NOT type the all here is 1000 Companies Owned By Disney & Hearst  Click The button below to see the Full List and Review a Article on Just how Deep this goes. 

Read about Phil, Disney, ESPN, & Duck Dynasty HERE

For the Record YES I support BOTH Phil and A&E on this one they both used their Freedoms. I do NOT believe Personal right were endangered or anything like that. It was Non Violent enough of a tirade but just NOT the View Disney or ESPN or most Any business wants for there brand Save Chic Fil A & Russia. Honestly you would NOT get away with that at Home Depot or Arby's and when you work in a business that is in the Media or broadcasts you... Well let's just say Imus and Many others have led the way to show you cant just say whatever you want to anymore. Not only that but I will bet his Contract states he basically fired himself or we would hear about that as well... In the end I am not going to Argue and fight about this and I am not Sorry if someone is pissed by the fact i have no problem with either. The funny thing is I find Myself in this situation a lot where BOTH sides throw Hate at me... There just HAS to be SOME reason to be pissed off huh...;-) 

You All have a Great Holidays

Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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Honest Worker Returns Wallet $1000+ Cash ~ A Real Knockout Game!

Really what have we come to that kids run around trying to Knock out Old Ladies? WOW When I was young we still got in trouble for not Saying Grace. If you watch any News you will get a uneasy feeling its mostly ALL Negative... Well This Story will hopefully make you feel Happy and Me I am Thankful!! If this would have went differently I would STILL be trying to replace My personal info! In a Day I deal with A Lot of dishonesty from Workers Blaming others or Claiming they don't remember on & On Customers Unplugging Sensors and Wires on My cars to try and get a cheaper price. (Click HERE For My Website 1 Owner Car Guy) Everywhere you go I guarantee you there is not many people around you that will do the right thing. Over the years being in so many different business and having so many people I talk to you My YouTube Channel I know for a Fact I have become a Bit Calloused & I have always been a bit Cynical and I kinda like it..LOL 

Well Just when You think its all going to Hell in a Handbasket Someone does something that just restored a bit of My faith in Humanity..;-) I was Visiting the Local COSTCO doing My Business shopping and all of a Sudden My Wallet was GONE!! OMG That Feeling is Awful!!

I asked and Low and Behold someone had turned it in... So What right Noting will be there and I will be Lucky to even have My ID right??

Wrong... Low and behold when the Guy handed me my Wallet and I thumbed through it... It was ALL there.. And I will say Quite Honestly there was about $1000.00 or more of Cash and Cash Cards in My Wallet.. Multiple Credit Cards 3 Id's Checks and EURO's So So Much My Business briefcase IS my Wallet. Really I NEVER Expected to get it back the way I lost it and when I was waiting for them to go get it I figured it had been Rummaged through in some way or another and most Cash missing
What a Pleasing outcome to open it and bit by bit realize it is all there

You KNOW if someone Had a BAD Trip to Costco they would make a Video and Complain everywhere So I figured its Only Fitting I do the same when They have made me VERY Thankful Through their Employee which IS the Goal. This says A LOT about the Company and I do A LOT of Investing on My Website Stock Gambles and I REALLY am Researching their Stock now!! Thanks COSTCO and Anthony!!

I made a video of it and it is below 

However this story gets EVEN BETTER!! And Drives My point home ever so Swiftly after the Video! 

Why 2 Videos and 1 just ends??

Well That would be Dishonesty... I uploaded this video LATE in the night and Within 5 hours at 6 in the Morning I got a Call from New York city and Someone had tried a bunch of times to buy $1800.00 worth of Radios and the Merchant called me... I called My Card Issuer right away and in that amount of time there were about a dozen charges on My Business Visa which It didn't Look like you could see the #'s in fact I think they Guessed one of them... This just backs up what I knew.. What Anthony did here is a Rare act in this day and age. It would have been SO EASY to just slip $300 to $400 out and pocket it. Hell he could have pocketed the whole thing and played dumb NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER KNOWN BUT HIM!!! That would NOT be right and it is Nice to see that still matters to some people! I cant say thank YOU Enough I Hope that COSTCO See's it in their plan to keep this worker on full time. A few have said he is a seasonal worker and if I was that Manager there is no way he would Be seasonal. People like him are a Valuable resource! I hope the Note that the manager told me to drop in the box gets in the right hands i am writing a letter to Corporate COSTCO as well to tell them. COSTCO is a GREAT Job and if that's what he wants hopefully thats what they offer..;-) I Still hope to help Anthony with a Car Purchase and Save him HUGE Cash!
SO YOU KNOW They DO NOT need the 3 number code from the back of your card to run up charges!! Be careful!

Turn on the News and you will hear about Kids running around playing a "Knockout Game" and the like its a Weird world people seem to have NO Parenting skills whatsoever This was Refreshing and Gave me just a bit more Faith. Anthony Your Parents should be VERY Proud You are Awesome & Took the Knock Out Game to a whole New level.

YouTube Subscribers & ANYONE Please Help!

The No Tipping Policy is not something I want to get Anthony in Trouble with. So if YOU could please Help by Sharing this story and mostly By Telling COSTCO. YOU Can Help him by Clicking The Button Below and tell COSTCO about this worker I have Made it REALLY Easy and if this story made you feel happy PLEASE Say something to COSTCO I want them to know and I want Anthony to Get what he deserves here! Click HERE or the Button Below

Worker name is Anthony Just tell them Young Guy Curly hair (I dont want to put his last name here W/O his OK I am asking him now will update)
The Store is Santee, California #403
 That should be more than enough Info to get it to the right person.

Let them Know they have a VERY Honest worker who is Exactly what they want to keep on Full Time and to make sure he gets taken care of since No Tipping (I do Understand this from COSTCO's point of view it is a Good NO TIPPING Rule as long as they do something)

A SImple Message like 

HEY You have a Employee at your Santee, Ca Store #403 his name is Anthony (Curly Black Hair Younger Guy) Well He Went ABOVE and Beyond in his Job and is a VERY Honest person. He Returned a Wallet with over $1000.00 Cash and Countless Cards and Valuables. The Guy who lost it talked to managers and left a note in the Box. However I heard this Story and want to make sure he gets his Due I have heard he is a Seasonal worker & This is JUST the Type of Employee EVERY Business Needs! Please Forward this to Someone that can do Something for Anthony. 

No Biggie something like that Heck use that if you want.. I just want to make sure Anthony gets Perm Job if thats his wishes.. ;-)

 In the meanwhile like I say I am a WHIZ at getting cars CHEAP and I want to do what I do for FREE for Anthony NO ONE will get him a car as cheap as I will..;-) 1 Owner Car Guy And oddly enough I ran into him again and he said he needed one..;-) Hopefully I get to Give him Plenty of Cereal Marshmallows as well


Again THANK YOU Anthony I really Appreciate your Honesty and Hope this gets out there to the "Powers that be" and YOU are helped by My actions as I was by Yours!

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Benny Hill Themed Cop Chase Scene

Hi I am Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy and It has been awhile since I updated this Blog. I have A Lot of diff blogs I update and also my main Update is My YouTube channel CerealMarshmallows make sure and check that out. Anyways I not only Make content for YouTube I watch  as well and I came across this video awhile back and it is just too funny Not to share with you. There is not really any BIG update or anything This Blog and Website have Not played a Big part of My charity yet I just have not met the right people to work with on stuff with. However I hope that I will end up meeting some good people here and our goal will be similar and we are Able to get a Great result for Charity. In the Meanwhile Laugh at this Video i guess...;-) 
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2 Calico Kittens Need a new home 

A friend of mine just sent me a message this morning and he has rescued 2 baby kittens from a Fire area in LA California These Kittens are Very cute and housebroken now. Super Cute and in need of a new family. I will include some pictures below you can message me here of facebook so you can adopt these Cute Playful Kittens.
Hope You can help these 2 Kitty Cats You can Also Call me at 406 544 6919 Cheers Nathan Wratislaw 

How To Change to the Awesome YouTube ONE Channel TIps and Instructional. 

YouTube ONE Channel Design... I know I know Its yet anothe Social Media Platform to learn as if there were not enough anyways Right? At first It is a Pain to learn and Quite Honestly I have Waited and Waited and Now YouTube is Reminding Me I only have but a few days left..;-( Well Its no big deal because i now think it will be better.. What Better you say.... Indeed I do say..;-) I have Quite a Few channels on YouTube and let Me say I LOVE YouTube Really i am a Total Superfan!! And I believe they know what they are doing and  Totally trust their judgment on this. 

First off the platforms that YouTube Serves video to has Grown A Lot and its not just Computers anymore in fact about Half or more of your views on YouTube are From Mobile devices and TV's and YouTube has had A Lot to adapt to in the last 7 Years. 7 Years... Wow But yes its a Long time quite honestly we got the old design for a long time. Personally this messed up some big plans I had for a Product Launch. I was looking into Getting a Brand Channel and Really Marketing it on YouTube.. However the Extras gained on a Brand Channel seem to be Gone...

Whats the upside to YouTube One Chanel and all this moving things around?? You get Upgrades and Links and All sorts of things that you would have likely NEVER have had access to unless you spent A LOT of Money for a Brand Channel Marketing program through Google Effective I believe but still not FREE Like this.. On My Youtube Channel Click HERE I do All sorts of Videos and There are So many things to consider when Marketing your channel and Pushing Ahead to the next level. A Quality Channel is NOT a Easy thing to build and its amazing to see what gets big and what does not parts of this amazing new market is just... Unexplainable hands down..;-( Either way that don't mean Stop it's just another hurdle..;-)

I Believe You Tube has came up with a way to offer us More FREE by the way... FREE Sidenote here Can you Believe this is FREE... I mean Really Free..LOL LOng ago i said I will just follow whatever they say to do Blindly and I believe they have a Great visin for Youtube and I really Enjoy being a part of it 

Whats My point here? Well there's 2 I guess #1 YouTube knows what they are dong and this is a Good Change #2 They Gave us MORE FREE and possibly the Best Tidbit in My Blog here is I found a Secret Live Stream for the Higher ups that You can only see if you have the link! It is Nearly an Hour long and will REALLY Explain the new design and give you Bare bone Tips to take advantage of it. This is NOT me this is Direct from YouTube/Google I hope you enjoy

Click HERE or Copy and Paste the Link below to See this Important Video from Youtube

Click HERE or Copy and Paste the Link below to See this Important Video from Youtube

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It may seem far fetched but this is a Serious Matter!

Road Tax and Classic Car ban Its no joke and it really has Me worked up!! I cant sleep its 1:44 and I have to try and do something

If You Don't know about it check this link out

 I am now thinking about local forums and Blogs Reddit Digg Hives FaceBook YouTube.. What can I do and the time is ticking away so Fast I don't know if it is possible to get the signatures needed or not there is 70,000 needed and I really don't know how many there are My a Few of the People/Dealers I have dealt with in the Netherlands Started this Petition to try and Halt this Unfair Seizure of Property. I mean in Reality they are Not going to take your car away just no one will want it and it will be worthless... Thats Wrong There Should at Least Be an Exemption for the Cars Already there. I know people Who paid $3500 or so for their car and now it will cost that much a year to drive it. I love my classic cars

You can Always See my Inventory at 

 You can see the link for the Petetion HERE 

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There is No disputing how Sisyphean Life may Be. However this is a GOOD thing! The Profit comes from Experience, Learning and NOT Bitching & Moaning about Every little Problem. If its the same thing Over & Over Than it should get easier after awhile. Learn IT! 

Harness the Knowledge gained daily It's all about Learning and using Routines From what I can tell. Top that off with a little Balance and WOW.... Obviously it's the same Mountain... SO Learn the path and Know your rolling Right back to the bottom in just a little While. But don't worry Your being pushed by a King. ITS A FREE RIDE ACTUALLY If the Mountain is life & I'm the Boulder the Realization that King Sisyphus Is Whatever and Whoever I pick to DRIVE Me in Life.

Pick Well.. It is the only Variable that You control! THIS IS THE KEY TO IT ALL! Don't do it for Friends, Family, Peers or ANYONE! Do it For You! No one will push you up the hill like that over and over that's just Mythology. We need Strong Passionate things in Life that will push us harder faster and better than others who pay this no Mind and settle for the Obvious that Life is Mundane or Repetitive... Having Goals and setting a timeline for said goals is HUGE! Come on Now Its easy... Get to be good at it This is NOT just for King Sisyphus How bout PACMAN Clear them Screens! It all counts and Profit is the score!!